Ever imagined wearing a gold wedding dress?

You ever imagined entering the church, hear the wedding march and be with a gold wedding dress? In fact, few of us envision this moment so glamorous, but why not?

If you plan to marry in the combined autumn / winter of the year may be remembered as a savvy, modern bride, with the authority of the designers, earthy colors that indicate a trend in 2012, which are summed to brown, terracotta and yellow burned. We can say that, bringing color to such epic moment in the life of a woman, we are faced with the wedding dress, which is unlikely, however, the combination of these colors pearl, gold. The mysticism of white, or traditionalism, or the choice of the classic can be adapted to the humor and personality of the bride.

Some prefer to Las Vegas to New York, even believing that the more simple wedding dress, the highlight of the largest real beauty of the bride choose a gold wedding dress would be nothing more than to admit that saying “yes” to your beloved on the altar, the bride says yes also to a more free and daring to live the love and life together.

If you identify with the brilliance and refinement included in the concept gold, gold in the mood and schedule the test of your gold wedding dress , feel the sense of cause, and emotion impact on your wedding day, because, there will always be that friend you called to be godmother who loves white and this time it can take advantage of color without overshadowing his golden moment.

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