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Bride’s accessories: bridal bracelets for use in wedding

In one of the happiest days of a woman’s life, marriage, brides have the right to wear bracelets and other accessories for brides. The choice of bridal accessories will depend on the chosen wedding dresses and other jewelry she is using. It is quite common to use sets consisting of bracelet, earring [Read More…]

Tips of wedding party at home

At the wedding party made at home is important to be attentive to the bride’s dress in the wedding party, as there must be something big and exuberant wedding veils, but something simple that contains all the information you want to pass the bride, something more romantic, or some more futuristic mo [Read More…]

Wedding dress with ¾ sleeves

It’s amazing how difficult it is to guess the temperature of our wedding day, we know that our hands are sweating and your heart will be accelerated. So our body is hot, but still, it’s good to have the dress as an ally in the matter of temperature, thinking about the dress with ¾ sleeves can be, an [Read More…]

Ever imagined wearing a gold wedding dress?

You ever imagined entering the church, hear the wedding march and be with a gold wedding dress? In fact, few of us envision this moment so glamorous, but why not?

If you plan to marry in the combined autumn / winter of the year may be remembered as a savvy, modern bride, with the authority of the [Read More…]